Saving Project Deployment Time with Integration Architecture and Bulk Deployment

Saving Project Deployment Time with Integration Architecture and Bulk Deployment

Great news! We’ve rolled out some exciting updates to myMSI, designed to elevate your user experience and streamline your smart building projects. Manage projects easier with the new integration architecture and bulk publishing features. This update enriches myMSI with a cutting-edge visualization tool, offering you a clearer insight into network architecture, and introduces bulk functionalities to save you time and reduce errors in data management. 

Visualization of Integration Architecture

What’s new?

  • Integration Architecture: Technical network visualized so you can see the interconnections between systems, gateways, and device profiles at a glance. This feature is your new best friend for smart planning, managing and troubleshooting. 

  • Efficient Bulk Publishing: Say goodbye to the tedium of manual deployments. Our new feature lets you bulk publish systems, gateways, device profiles, and devices swiftly, cutting down on time and minimizing errors.  It eliminates the need for manual data transfers, reducing the potential for errors and significantly streamlining the deployment process.

Bulk Publishing Feature 

Why you’ll love it

  • Get clarity: The visualized Integration Architecture provides a crystal-clear view of system interconnections, simplifying your planning and troubleshooting tasks. Project managers and Channel Partners will optimize planning and ensure configurations meet specific needs, ultimately improving overall project management efficiency.

  • Save time: The efficient bulk publishing feature significantly saves time and reduces the risk of errors during the project-to-site data transfer process. With this update, project managers and channel partners will have a more streamlined process for bulk operations, leading to faster and more accurate installations. 

How to leverage the new features

Integration Architecture. You can access it directly from the site menu or under “New Integrations” within a project. You can also set up connections and links for systems and gateways, noting the communication protocol. 

Bulk Publishing. Find the Bulk Deployment option in the New Integrations Menu of your project. Select the items you wish to deploy and initiate the process with just a few clicks.

Explore on your own 

This update is seamlessly automatic, requiring no manual activation on your part. For comprehensive guidance on navigating the Integration Architecture, establishing connections, crafting and customizing links, and carrying out bulk deployments, please visit the user guide here

Need a hand?

Your feedback is our guiding star. If you have any thoughts to share or need assistance, our support team is just a message away ([email protected]), ready to help you make the most of these new features. 

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