Placing devices into floor plans

Placing devices into floor plans

The goal of floor plan placement is to put each of the equipment in its intended location in the building for quick and easy viewing. Follow the below steps for further instructions.

  1. Navigate to a building of your choice through the Sites feature in the left navigation bar.
  2. Click on Areas and the list of floors of that building will show up.
  3. Click on the floor which you wish to place devices on the floor plan for.
      4.   Select the pencil (edit) button in the top right to reveal a list of the devices that have been tagged with this area.
  1. Additional layers can be selected by using the layers icon in the upper left. When a layer is selected it auto generates a tab that can be used to filter to devices of that type.
  2. Tip: Starting with the device tab will allow you to utilize autosuggest later.
  1. Starting with the device tab, drag equipment from the list on the left onto the floor plan.
  1. You can zoom in to get more precise.
  2. You can modify the placement of the device by dragging on the triangle.
  3. Device layer is intended to show where the device is physically installed and located, whereas the temperature layer is intended to reflect the location of the temperature sensor within the unit.
  1. Click on the thermometer (temperature) icon to switch over to the temperature tab (or any other layer).
  2. Click on the Auto Suggest button in the upper right to map the equipment you just placed.
  3. You have now placed your devices on the floor plan of the area of your choice.

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