Graphic Tool Release Note

Graphic Tool Release Note

Graphics (Floor-plans, System views) are essential for a modern BMS system. The new update that KODE Labs has released today will enhance the user experience by making the graphics more useful and completely customizable. This update will enable you to spot devices’ performance with a single sight.

Customizable Design

This update will offer a comprehensive functionality that will cover most of the needs regarding the floor plans and the system graphics. The marker's design will be entirely customizable. The user can style the marker based on their preference.

Possible customization includes:

  • Text and background colors

  • Headers are hideable 

  • Position of the labels

  • The size of the markers

For more information please check Graphic Tool - Systems and Floor Plan.

Text, Shapes, and Images

Besides having the ability to customize the marker itself. The new tool will allow you to put text, different shapes (squares, circles, arrows), and drop images directly from your pc. See below some of the possibilities.

Please click this link for more information.

Representing a point value with an icon

We have added a list of Default Icons for each device type and status, which you can use in floor plans. However, you can also add your customized designs through our Custom Library. 

Each icon visualizes a specific value/state according to the given range, which you can customize.  

Whether the zone temperature is low, moderate, or high; whether the light bulb is on or off; whether a parking spot is occupied or unoccupied; or whether devices are in alarm or normal state, icons will display that accordingly.

The ability to switch from the default markers to icons on floor plans will be available on the release date because a preconfigured icons pack will be in place. Please use the Icons option at the top right of the floorplan.

Please click this link for more information.

Note: This is optional and will be there only if the users want to use them. The current configuration of the floorplans and the systems won’t change. The ability to change the configuration of the floor plans will be permitted to admin users only.

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