Unifying events within FDD for a streamlined experience

Unifying events within FDD for a streamlined experience

Jan 16, 2023

FDD takes the base functionality of events that you all know and love and adds an extra punch! While your favorite functions are still there, now they’re even better with a new, interactive dashboard and comprehensive system impact reporting. This means you can manage your building’s alarms more effectively and with less effort. 

Why this transition? 

We realized that while Events was good at alerting you to alarms and basic mechanical issues, it didn't always give you the complete picture. Now, by bringing Events into FDD, you get a broader range of fault detections, including BMS Alarms and BMS Mechanical Issues. Plus, with

just one click on the main dashboard, you can filter these alarms in the BMS Alarms Domain. It's all about making your life easier.

Additional perks of the merge

  • One-Stop Dashboard: No more toggling between views. Get all your alarm info in one place.

  • Fine-Tuning: Adjust parameters to fit your operational needs, add notes for clarity, and export events for record-keeping.

  • Scale and Integrate: FDD now comes with flexible notification policies and soon-to-be integration with Building BI for custom analytics.

What’s new?

  • Interactive Dashboard: Dive into a more engaging way to monitor and control your building's systems.

  • Flexible Notification Policies: Tailor how and when you receive alerts.

  • System Impact Reporting: Gain insights into how incidents affect your operations.

  • Operator Preferences: Personalize settings to suit your operational style.

  • Event Exporting: Keep records of events for better analysis and reporting.

  • Note Addition: Add context and details to your events.

  • (Coming Soon) Building BI Integration: Create your own advanced analytics with the integrated available data points. 

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