Task Templates

Task Templates

On the Task Templates module you will access the list of all tasks and the number of subtasks associated with each task. This template can be use at all projects without the need to add the same task manually on each project. 

  • Navigate to the Task Templates by selecting the Admin Panel module from the main left navigation bar. 

  • On the first page you will see the list of all tasks from where you can:

    • Filter the list by clicking on the “Filter” button.

    • Add a new task template by clicking on the “+ Add Task Template” button.

  • Selecting a task from the list you will access the details page with all the subtasks listed at the bottom of the page.

    • From the details page you can:

      • Edit the System Type, Title and Description.

      • Delete the task.

      • Add new Subtasks, Edit the existing ones and reorder them.

      • Delete subtasks.

Create a New Task Template

To create a new task template go to the Admin Panel from the left main navigation bar and select Task Templates tab.

  • Click on the “+ Add Task Templates” button.

  • On the popup window fill in the:

    • Task type,

    • Task Label,

    • Title,

    • Description.

  • Click on the “Create” button and you have created a task template which will be added to the task templates list.

  • Go to the task templates details to add subtasks. 

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