Release Notes

Release Notes

May 28, 2024

FTT Projects are here so you can Commission at Scale with ease

Exciting news! The FTT update is here so you can effortlessly scale your commissioning plans across your portfolio. Testing your facility equipment on an ongoing basis is a great opportunity that  leads to data-driven proactive maintenance, higher energy efficiency, and extended equipment lifetime. Introducing: FTT Projects

With FTT Projects, our users will clearly see, manage, and track commissioning across their building. This includes scheduling automation, as well as enhanced workflows. We’ve enhanced the test accuracy based on operator feedback in 2023, leading to less false positives or negatives when testing for mechanical failures. With more accurate FTT results and structured scheduling, you're now equipped to address test failures efficiently, integrating them seamlessly into your routine maintenance or service schedules.

What’s in it for you?

  • Labor & Operational Efficiency: Our software allows you to easily schedule commissioning projects so you can plan your operations around them. For example, if you test weekly you can schedule them for Fridays and spend the next week dispatching the team to investigate and resolve any issues identified in the results. This maximizes the team’s productivity when it comes to maintenance by equipping them with data to prioritize tasks. 

  • Better Tenant Experience:  By being able to conduct accurate functional tests more frequently, i.e. on a weekly basis, you identify issues and get to address them immediately, before you receive a tenant complaint. This ensures tenant comfort, providing an enhanced experience which is essential for high end tenants. 

What’s new?

  • Jobs transformed into Projects: Our "Jobs" feature has evolved into "Projects," allowing you to create and execute detailed commissioning plans for your entire building.

  • Self Serve Capability: Building operators are now able to conduct their own ongoing commissioning in their building, and plan for it. They can plan a project for  the next 6-12 months and test all of their devices effectively.

  • Scheduling Automation: Break down a large commissioning project into manageable tasks, all set automatically. 

  • Enhanced test quality: Our updated workflows integrate best practices for troubleshooting, delivering results that are straightforward and actionable. New workflows include: VAV Damper Operation, VAV - Heating, FCU Cooling, and FCU Heating. There are also increased quality control measures on down points, down devices, override tracking and release, as well as simplified parameters & set up.

Your next steps

With the summer coming up, it’s the perfect time to test your equipment’s cooling capabilities. Start using FTT Projects with the new VAV and FCU workflows today. It takes just 5 minutes to set up a project!

Wondering which types of workflows to try? We’ve got a few for you to get started!

If you have FCUs try: 

  • V2 - FCU Cooling

  • V2 - FCU Induced Cooling

If you have VAVs try: 

  • V2 - VAV Damper Min Max

At KODE, we're committed to providing a clear, concise, and human experience, respecting your time and enhancing your interaction with our platform. If you have any questions or need support with creating a project, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]

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