Redesign of Schedules

Redesign of Schedules

June 11th

We’re happy to share that the Schedules module has a new look, coupled with some features you’ll love. The functionality
of the schedules remains the same (i.e. no changes are being made to your set schedules).
This redesign makes it easy to see all the schedule details in one page,
keep track of devices following the schedule, as well as create relationships between your datasource and KODE OS. 

What’s new?

  • Schedules Table Views: when first opening Schedules, you’ll see the ability to switch between weekly and calendar schedules for special events. On the same page, you can easily access a list of devices per schedule on the same page with the dropdown arrow, and even filter the table according to what information matters most.  

  • Schedule Details in One Page View: view Point Trends, Special Events, and Weekly Schedules all in the same place. 

  • Point References with Error Handling: Point references are now referred to as “Direct” and “Indirect” instead of Strong/Weak. Direct saves data straight to the data source. Indirect will only be saved on KODE as the datasource/API doesn’t permit saving to the datasource. This ensures that the points from the datasource will reflect on KODE OS despite the constraint. There’s also an error filter to view which schedules have an issue. 

  • Device Details: when looking at Device details, it will also include the schedules for that particular device. 

Why you’ll love it

  • Increased Visibility: check if a device adheres to a specific schedule through point trends to prevent unnecessary energy consumption. 

  • Improved User Experience: the all in one page design for schedule views facilitates a smoother workflow. You can link relationships between the datasource and KODE OS though direct or indirect relationships, and see an exact reason for why it won’t connect with our Error Handling feature. 

Need a hand?

As we continue to refine and enhance our platform's features, your feedback is critical.
Should you have any suggestions or require assistance with using Schedules,
please reach out to our
support team for help.

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