New Authentication Log Page

New Authentication Log Page

Feb 20, 2023

IT users are the safeguards of organizations ensuring the slightest suspicious activity is merely that - suspicion. In an organization with 20+ users, however, tracing back all logins, reviewing password security, and ensuring that the right people have the right permissions can be challenging.

That’s why the new Authentication Logs page is crucial–it pulls all that information in one page to give Admins instant, real-time visibility into all user authentication logs. This helps IT teams track all the logins, identify and address security threats and have greater visibility and control over the platform's usage to ensure security for the users data. 

All logs, centralized  

Launchpad's Log Management serves as the ultimate Authentication and Authorization central view for IT teams. 

Let’s jump in to what you can do with it: 

  1. Authentication Logs: All user authentication logs are now consolidated in one place for easy access. 

  2. Table View: View logs in a clear table format including user details, events, dates, messages and IP Address.

  3. Flexible Filtering: Easily filter logs by date, user identity, and success/failure responses to pinpoint issues.

  4. Export Functionality: Seamlessly export logs for further analysis and collaboration.

  5. Single-Sign-On (SSO) Tracking: Detailed logs of Single Sign-On attempts offer insights into user authorization.

  6. Role Mapping: Analyze user roles to ensure appropriate access levels.

  7. User Creation Tracking: Trace the entire user creation process from start to finish.

  8. MFA Logging: Monitor Multi-Factor Authentication for enhanced security insights.

Security, check ✅

The new page, teams in the ‘security drivers' seats’ have a robust mechanism for identifying and addressing security threats and providing bullet-proof security.

  • Enhanced Troubleshooting: Detailed logs and advanced filtering options streamline issue resolution.

  • Increased Transparency: Comprehensive logging provides greater visibility and control over platform usage.

  • Compliance Made Easy: Export and analyze logs easily to simplify compliance with regulatory standards and internal policies.

  • Proactive Monitoring:  Stay ahead of unauthorized access or potential breaches with real-time monitoring of password resets and SSO attempts.

Start using Logs Management

Navigating the new module is a breeze. We’ve ensured that the design of the page corresponds to your needs and makes things easier to find. 

  1. To access the new page, go to the ‘Authentication Logs’ page under Company. 

  2. Tailor your log view as you need by using the right filter options. 

  3. Explore SSO logs and the rest of the features. 

Let us know how that goes. If you have any questions or need any help with accessing it, please reach out to [email protected].

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