Navigating to Company Section

Navigating to Company Section

Within the Company section, you can access comprehensive information about a company, including its details,
the list of users associated with it, and any attached documents relevant to the company.

The Details section provides key information such as the company name, complete address, and contact person details,
including their email address and phone number.

The Users section houses all added users with access to the myMSI environment. Within this list, you can easily review each
user's full name, work positions, roles, emails, and phone numbers.

Moreover, this section facilitates the export of the entire user list. Simply click the 'Export' button located in the top right
corner to initiate the process.

The Attachment section provides the capability to associate any document relevant to the company.
To include new attachments, simply click the blue button located in the top right corner labeled
“New Attachment”. From there, you can easily attach any required document.

Remaining within this section, you also can download attachments as a .zip file, make edits, or delete them.
The options for these actions are positioned on the right side. To execute any of these actions, begin by
selecting the checkbox next to the specific attachment, and then choose the desired option.

Another alternative is to click on the three dots located at the end of each attachment, where you can access and make
the necessary updates.

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