KODE OS Product Release - Sep 30, 2021

KODE OS Product Release - Sep 30, 2021

KODE Labs is releasing 3 big features that will enhance and personalize the user experience.

Insights on Site Details

Current Insights capabilities will be available on Site Details (Building Dashboard). 
You will be able to add widgets, charts, tables, or any other data you want, and see them every time you open KODE OS. In addition to this, you will be able to create multiple dashboards, for example, let's say you want one dashboard to show the temperature on your floors, one for access control, and one for your security cameras.

All of this will be available from today.

Data Sources

We are making it easier for all users to see what is available in our catalog, and even easier to implement a new data source (APIs).
The catalog will be available to all the users, whereas adding a new data source will be available to admin users only.

For some APIs, you will be able to see the data being collected in real-time by navigating into data source details or adding a widget on Insights.

BIM Models

After the feature is released, you will be able to upload a digital twin 3D model of your building or any type of BIM model you want on KODE OS. Moreover, you will be able to add labels of your devices and points and see them in place when you switch into a one-person view. 

The file can be viewed on Site Details with the ability to see it in a full-screen view.

What will be available on the mobile app?

Currently, Insights will be available on mobile as read-only. So you will be able to view all the widgets that you have created, just make sure you have checked the Display on Mobile checkbox when you create one.

Our goal is to continue to upgrade and offer you better tools to manage your building portfolio.

We hope you have enjoyed this announcement as much as we did working on making this happen! 

Let us know how we can make KODE OS better by sharing your feedback in KODE OS or emailing us at [email protected].

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