KODE OS 2.0 - A redesigned KODE OS, built for amazing experiences

KODE OS 2.0 - A redesigned KODE OS, built for amazing experiences

Dec 5,  2023

Today we’re introducing a major design update to KODE OS - going live today for your organization as a KODE Labs early adopter, and rolling out to our global installed base in general release over the coming months. With its better organization and more intuitive layout, you’ll be able to get work done faster. The new design helps you:

  • Easily navigate your sites so you and your team can move work forward faster

  • Focus on the most important issues so you can resolve them in record time

New look, same great features!

Before we introduce what’s changing, let’s start with what will stay the same. You will still be able to see all the core KODE OS functionality and dashboards you rely on.  Key metrics for each Site (Systems, Areas, Devices, Points, and Data Sources) now live in the bottom of the left sidebar instead of the top row of your homepage. Just mouse over the active sidebar, or pin it open. Favorites like the FDD and FTT dashboards will remain the same as well. 

Navigation overhaul - get there, faster

One cornerstone of the KODE OS 2.0 design is to make it simpler to navigate between specific buildings, or to view relevant information at the portfolio level. If you are part of an organization with a portfolio of multiple sites, focusing on the site(s) you are interested in has never been easier.  KODE’s new Building Switcher control, available at the top left of the screen, lets you toggle between portfolio or specific-building views.  Start from the Portfolio view with easy sort and search capabilities…

…or access the Building Switcher from a Site view to quickly navigate to the same information for one of your other available Sites.  

On your left!

With this restructure we’ve also made that active left sidebar even more powerful for navigating the KODE OS platform and our various applications and modules. 

Selecting the 3x3 dot icon at the top left of the screen will allow users to switch between the main KODE Labs applications they are authorized to use.


Within KODE OS, the left sidebar provides even more power!  

From the Portfolio view, users can select powerful modules like FDD, FTT (Digital Commissioning) and Building BI to enable analysis and actionable insights with a portfolio-wide view.

Users with additional permissions can manage portfolio-wide settings and functionalities.

From the Site level, the left sidebar menu expands to let users quickly drill down into the core functionality that building engineers and operators use everyday - precisely focused on the Site of their choosing. 

(Remember, access to key metrics, trending and functionality like Command & Control for each Site (Systems, Areas, Devices, Points, and Data Sources) now live in the bottom of the left sidebar!)

The new KODE OS 2.0 user experience is here

KODE Labs’ mission has always been to make building operations simpler, faster and more intuitive, and we’ve built this experience with that in mind. With more than 100 improvements to our platform in the past year alone, we’re constantly putting new features into the hands of our clients and partners. This new foundation will help KODE OS deliver even more innovations to you in the months and years ahead. 

Starting today, the new user experience is yours to enjoy as a flagship KODE Labs client. We will begin rolling out to new teams, and will reach all of our existing users over the coming months. We’re excited to get your hands on the new KODE OS!

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